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New track + APP

9 June 2016

Dear Colleagues, 

I’m very pleased to announce two brand new tracks which form ‘Afterhours’, the first of which is available now as both an audio single and a remixable app.

‘Afterhours’ is the  soundtrack for when the photocopier powers down and the office is locked up, when you want to find somewhere to let your hair down and forget about the day. ‘Staring At The Sun’ was written with and produced by my good pop friend Richard X.

I’m also extremely excited to that in addition to the EP we are releasing this product as a remixable app. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, I’ve always been very passionate about music and technology and pushing where these two worlds collide. This is a collaboration with the brilliant NOIZ app, and enables you to manipulate and edit the song in a beautiful graphic remix app on your phone.

If you’ve ever wanted to have a go at remixing and not known where to start here’s the most accessible and fun way, and best of all its free! Just download on the app store here or search for ‘NOIZ’ on the app store.

Huge thanks to the PRS Women Make Music Grant for funding this project.

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